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This website is dedicated to help discover the truth about what occurred on Sept 11th, 2001.

Please find below, documentation concerning the events:

Part 1:
Unanswered Questions

Thoughts on Research

Part 2
Further Questions

For reasons I cannot presently
elaborate on, my personal identity
remains incognito.

Although I do not believe violent
resistance to government is an effective
means of bringing about change,
the times are such that even the
criticism of government is becoming
dangerous, (for some, sooner than others).

I may not able be return e-mail messages
-save in the most "remote" occasions. But feedback,
comments, and suggestions are most welcome.

The mirror site at
was inexplicably taken down.
Other locations to be announced soon.

Feel to to make "back-ups" of this site,
and/or e-mail the page to others.

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As this web-host appears to be quite reputable, there should be no danger with viruses, etc.;
I often download pages; but as I have little control over this site, I cannot guarantee anything.
Caution is always in order. Virus-checks, etc. If you're especially concerned, you may try to
access the site from a library or internet cafe.

There are always avenues by which we sincere seekers
can obtain the necessary information.

It remains quite possible, that this work could become the object
of a dis-information campaign, hack-attack, etc. from which I would have little recourse to
defend myself.

Thus, I ask you to keep this in mind; and to not let side issues
distract you from exploring, demanding, and gathering together
the hard evidence for yourself and others.

You who care to read this,
have a most auspicious
role to play

Be careful,
be confident:
the times that loom
dark and fearful,
foretell a time of light.